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Weekend in Scotland

Another 3-day weekend, this one spent in cold, damp, wonderful Scotland.

I’ve got a cousin who lives in Edinburgh, and we spent a few days with her and her family. It keeps my uncle skills sharp to play with their kids, but we also got out for some good walks and some grown-up catching-up.

In the middle of it all we also trained over to Glasgow to see the Scotsman finally marry his missus. It was a good wedding, and a great time with them and a few friends I’ve not seen in a long while.


Australia trip: a recap


The blog posts I made a few weeks ago made it clear that I was in Australia. I thought I’m summarise the awesomeness of that trip now that I can reflect. I’ve also uploaded some photos. We were gone three weeks in total.

We flew to Sydney and spent about a week there. This was my third trip there. We were able to meet up with some old friends, explore some neighbourhoods that were new to us, and just generally soak up the vibe of the city.

Next we rented a car and drove to the Blue Mountains, just a couple of hours west of Sydney. We spent a few days here, staying in a nice small town B&B. We were surprised by how dramatic the mountains – or, to be more accurate, valleys – actually are. There are some incredible views. Best of all we did a few bushwalks of a few hours each: some along cliff ledges, some down in shaded rainforest valleys.

On our last day in that area we explored one of the Jenolan Caves, a pretty freaky underground experience.

After that we flew up to Brisbane to stay with some good friends there (Miss B, who sometimes comments here, is one of them). She and her man were getting hitched, the main reason for our trip Down Under. After a couple of nights in BrisVegas we drove down the coast to Byron Bay. The wedding was at a great resort in the hinterland, and was an amazing and romantic time.

After the wedding we stayed for a few very relaxing days at a beach house in Byron Bay town. It was warm, nice weather, and great to chill out.

We spent one more night visiting friends back in Brisbane, and then flew on to Sydney and out of Australia. However, we did a couple of nights of stopover in Singapore on the way back. They were really great, too. That place has changed a lot even from when I was there five years ago.

It was a great trip from start to finish.

I’ve uploaded a few pics here.