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Sydney Half Marathon 2014 results

My watch matched the official times: 1:52:05 for the half marathon in Sunday’s Sydney Running Festival.


Juggling work and dad responsibilities, and battling hay fever in recent weeks, meant my training wasn’t what it should have been. A half marathon is 21km, and I haven’t run more than 14km since May. My split times show this, as I felt strong in the first half of the race but really crashed out in the second half. It was my slowest half ever, by just over 1 minute.

But I was pleased to be able to run the time I did; it indicates my base-level fitness is still there. I’m still under a 2-hour half, and I’m above the 50th percentile for all categories (overall, males, and males 45-49).

It was another fun day. The Family Fun Run was finishing at the same time as us. And on my way back to the car I saw the crowds starting the 9K Bridge Run.


Blackmores half marathon results: so close!

The times are published. I ran yesterday’s Blackmore Half Marathon, part of the Sydney Running Festival, in 1:44:47.

That put me in the top 22% of times for all 7594 people who ran the race, the top 35% of all male runners, and the top 36% of men aged 40-44. I kept my pace just under 5 minutes per kilometre.

That’s just 35 seconds off my personal best. I knew yesterday I was close. Part of me is really happy with that result, and part of me is angry for not pushing just a bit more.



Faster than I thought

The times from the half-marathon are in, and I did better than I thought I had!

That means my start was much later than I thought, nearly 9 minutes after the gun. I never would have guessed it took that long for the relatively small crowd to get underway; but then again we were funnelled through a pretty narrow start gate.

Anyhow, I ended up in the upper ranges for all relevant groups (males, males in my age group, and everybody). And that’s only 2 minutes off my best time.

If you’re looking for stats on the other races you can find them here.


Third half-marathon

I’m just back from running my third half-marathon, the Blackmores. I didn’t do as well as my first two: I’m guessing around 1:53.

I’m okay with that, though. Because of the new house I’ve done barely any running at all in the last month, let alone any structured training. If I can rock up and run 21.1km in under 2 hours I can’t complain.

It was a great vibe because this was one of several races happening today as part of the Sydney Running Festival. There was a full marathon, a Sydney Harbour Bridge run, and a family fun run.

That’s one more reason to love this city: they make a festival out of exercise.


Still got the running bug

I’ve just registered to run this year’s City2Surf and Blackmores Half Marathon.

I will not go gently into that good night.


SMH Half Marathon

This weekend I run my second half-marathon. I’m feeling good about it. I’ve felt strong in my training, and I’ve put more variety – hills and such – in my running routes this time. C’mon, Sunday!


Half-marathon training

I did 17.7km this sunny Saturday morning in prep for my second half-marathon, the Sydney Morning Herald Half. There are still spots open if you’d like to come along! Luckily my heel is feeling much better. And I’m feeling pretty good during the run, despite my training route being hillier than I was used to in London (though that’s probably a good thing). I think I’ve got a good shot at beating my previous time.

Now that fitness is out of the way, it’s off for some discount shopping.