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City2Surf 2014 results

I’ve posted each year about the City2Surf, the massive (like, 80,000 people massive) fun-run from downtown Sydney out to Bondi Beach.

I ran it again yesterday. My time was not my worst, but was several minutes off my best. Two winter colds played havoc with running lately. Nevertheless, I achieved my three goals for any C2S:

  1. I completed the 14.2 km run in fewer than 75 minutes which continues to qualify me for the fastest starting group outside of seeded individuals. I also finished in the top 30th percentile in every category.
  2. I didn’t have to stop, especially on Heartbreak Hill.
  3. I had a lot of fun. People dress in costumes, there are bands along the route, the scenery is beautiful, and it’s just a hugely positive vibe.

My results:
runtimeHere’s how that fits into my results from past years:


My City2Surf results: better than last year

The City2Surf results have been published in the newspaper; they should be online tomorrow.

I was pretty close in my estimate. My time for the 14km run was 1:09:45. That’s about two minutes slower than my first time two years ago, but almost four minutes faster than last year’s time. I’m pretty happy with that.

And I raised $600 for RedKite. That’s awesome, thanks to all of you who contributed. You still can, if you like.

I should get the full stats – i.e., how I ranked in my gender and age group – when the full results are posted online. Given the wet, windy weather I’ll be interested to see what the overall race numbers were like.

UPDATE: the official results.

The numbers: 1859 was my race bib number, 1:09:45 was my net race time, and 8783 was my finish position in the entire crowd.


My City2Surf 2011 results

The results from last weekend’s City2Surf run are on the web. It turns out I did about the time I expected I had. However, I’d misremembered how well I did last year, so this year was over 5 minutes slower than last.

I’m going to blame that on very little training during my Canada holiday, rather than old age.

In 2010 I did the 14km of the race in a net time of 1:07:51.

This year I did it in 1:13:29. I was in the 83.51% percentile of all finishers, at about 73% for all male finishers and 72% for males in my age group. My per-kilometre pace in the last 4 km (05:03) was faster than that in the first 10km (05:19) not because of any great strategy but because Heartbreak Hill is in the first half of the face and the last few km are downhill.

I still had an immense time on the day, and will do this race again.


Running the City2Surf

Today’s City2Surf run was a lot of fun. The crowds were massive. The weather was brilliant. The vibe was friendly. The route was gorgeous.

It was tough going, though. Even though I was in the first group it was still pretty crowded the whole way, and there weren’t many times when I wasn’t dodging people. This was also a much hillier run than the half marathon I did here in Sydney earlier this year: the notorious “Heartbreak Hill” nearly lived up to its name. The least pleasant part of the race was actually the chaos around picking up the bags of our clothing at the end, which took forever.

But it was a great day, and I felt I had a great run. The first group was for runners who expected to do the route in under 75 minutes, and I reckon I did it in about 65. We’ll see the official results on Tuesday.

My next race: the Blackmores Half Marathon in September.

Read news articles about the run here.

Flickr pics of the run here.

City2Surf runners. Photo from kiwi vic via Creative Commons license


City 2 Surf

I’m doing the Sydney City2Surf run on Sunday, along with 79,999 other people.

I haven’t trained nearly as much as I should. And I won’t be able to take it easy by blaming the crowds, either. I did well enough in the half-marathon earlier this year that I’m in the first (red) start group.

I expect it’ll be a very fun, community vibe, though. I’m looking forward to the scenery of the run as well.


Still got the running bug

I’ve just registered to run this year’s City2Surf and Blackmores Half Marathon.

I will not go gently into that good night.