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Sydney Half Marathon 2014 results

My watch matched the official times: 1:52:05 for the half marathon in Sunday’s Sydney Running Festival.


Juggling work and dad responsibilities, and battling hay fever in recent weeks, meant my training wasn’t what it should have been. A half marathon is 21km, and I haven’t run more than 14km since May. My split times show this, as I felt strong in the first half of the race but really crashed out in the second half. It was my slowest half ever, by just over 1 minute.

But I was pleased to be able to run the time I did; it indicates my base-level fitness is still there. I’m still under a 2-hour half, and I’m above the 50th percentile for all categories (overall, males, and males 45-49).

It was another fun day. The Family Fun Run was finishing at the same time as us. And on my way back to the car I saw the crowds starting the 9K Bridge Run.


City2Surf 2014 results

I’ve posted each year about the City2Surf, the massive (like, 80,000 people massive) fun-run from downtown Sydney out to Bondi Beach.

I ran it again yesterday. My time was not my worst, but was several minutes off my best. Two winter colds played havoc with running lately. Nevertheless, I achieved my three goals for any C2S:

  1. I completed the 14.2 km run in fewer than 75 minutes which continues to qualify me for the fastest starting group outside of seeded individuals. I also finished in the top 30th percentile in every category.
  2. I didn’t have to stop, especially on Heartbreak Hill.
  3. I had a lot of fun. People dress in costumes, there are bands along the route, the scenery is beautiful, and it’s just a hugely positive vibe.

My results:
runtimeHere’s how that fits into my results from past years:


The Northern Beaches, where pervs are fair

Last weekend, on my run to Manly, I turned to jog along the beachfront and ended up behind a group of very fit young ladies. This was pure chance, I swear.

After only a few steps the group of women was hailed by a hairy, middle-aged man, as wide as he was tall, obviously just in from a swim. “Looking good, ladies, looking good,” he oozed, his beach towel stretched to its limits around his wet, wooly belly. The women ran on, ignoring him.

“Hey, what about me?” I shouted with a smile.

As I moved right to overtake the pack I heard from behind me, “Hey, I didn’t say you didn’t look good.”


Blackmores half marathon results: so close!

The times are published. I ran yesterday’s Blackmore Half Marathon, part of the Sydney Running Festival, in 1:44:47.

That put me in the top 22% of times for all 7594 people who ran the race, the top 35% of all male runners, and the top 36% of men aged 40-44. I kept my pace just under 5 minutes per kilometre.

That’s just 35 seconds off my personal best. I knew yesterday I was close. Part of me is really happy with that result, and part of me is angry for not pushing just a bit more.



Next race: Blackmores Half Marathon

Blackmores Half Marathon crossing the Harbour Bridge. Photo from Charlie Brewer, used via Creative Commons license.

Blackmores Half Marathon crossing the Harbour Bridge. Photo from Charlie Brewer, used via Creative Commons license.

There are two big half marathons in Sydney each year: one in the autumn sponsored by the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper which I’ve done all four years I’ve been here, and one in the spring sponsored by vitamin company Blackmores. I’ve only done the latter race once, in 2010; schedules have conspired against me since.

But this year I’m in it again. So are a lot of other people judging by the number of Blackmores running shirts I’ve seen worn along Cooks River in the last week.

This race is rather exciting because it’s part of the Sydney Running Festival, an entire day of races (a marathon, a half marathon, a 9km bridge run, and a 3.5km family fun run). All of these races go across Sydney Harbour Bridge, making for really engaging and scenic running. I’m looking forward to doing it again.

This will be my seventh half. Training is going OK, but I can feel the aches and pains setting in: I’m not as pliable as I used to be. Grmph. Also the hump of the bridge means I’m unlikely to set a personal best. But I’ve always been happy with anything under 2 hours, and will continue to be.

Year Half Marathon Time (HH:MM:SS)
2009 London Parks 01:50:57
2010 SMH 01:44:12
2010 Blackmores 01:46:14
2011 SMH 02:32:31*
2012 SMH 01:46:23
2013 SMH 01:45:56
2013 Blackmores ?

*I was running with a first-timer.


My City2Surf results: better than last year

The City2Surf results have been published in the newspaper; they should be online tomorrow.

I was pretty close in my estimate. My time for the 14km run was 1:09:45. That’s about two minutes slower than my first time two years ago, but almost four minutes faster than last year’s time. I’m pretty happy with that.

And I raised $600 for RedKite. That’s awesome, thanks to all of you who contributed. You still can, if you like.

I should get the full stats – i.e., how I ranked in my gender and age group – when the full results are posted online. Given the wet, windy weather I’ll be interested to see what the overall race numbers were like.

UPDATE: the official results.

The numbers: 1859 was my race bib number, 1:09:45 was my net race time, and 8783 was my finish position in the entire crowd.


SMH Half Marathon: 2012

The result is in for my half-marathon yesterday. Here it is:

I missed beating my 2nd best time by 10 seconds. Here’s how my half-marathon races have gone:

*I was running to support someone else who was doing their first.

My split times show that my feeling yesterday was right: I pushed myself a bit too hard in the first half and flagged in the second. If I’d just kept my cool a bit more I might have done a lot better. These are the tactical differences between just finishing a race like this versus competing against yourself.

Against others I still did alright. I was at the 30th percentile of all finishers, the 42nd percentile of all males, and the 39th percentile of males in their forties.