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It’s been an awesome holiday season

What a great way to end 2011, and to start 2012.

From Dec 24th to Dec 29th we chilled out in one of the most relaxing little seaside towns I’ve ever been in. Manyana is on the Shoalhaven coast of NSW, and we did nothing but visit the beach, canoe, eat seafood, hike, visit wineries, and read. Summer finally arrived in Australia, too.

Back in Sydney I got back into my running, and got organised around the house (gardening and filing).

New Year’s Eve was spent in a perfect spot, sitting right on Sydney Harbour to watch the famous fireworks.

My birthday, Jan 2nd, was spent sipping cocktails in the sun at the Island Bar in the Harbour.

It felt like a much longer holiday break than it actually was, and that doesn’t happen very often.


Trip back to Canada

In two hours we’ll catch a taxi to the airport and start the 24-hour trek back to Nova Scotia, Canada.

The journey won’t be so bad. Sydney to Los Angeles – the longest leg by far – is in V Australia’s premium economy class, about which I’ve heard good things. LA to Montreal, then Montreal to Halifax, is by Air Canada, which is what it is.

The important thing is this will be the first time I’ve been back to Canada in two years. It’s been the same amount of time since I’ve seen most of my family too.

I expect this trip to be very fun, and very relaxing.

See you soon from the northern hemisphere.


Traveling holiday

I’m off tomorrow morning for 17 days of driving around Australia. This is how I’ll spend my holidays. I’m really looking forward to it.

Later, people.


Happy freakin’ new year

More travel woes! Got to the airport and found out that our flight back through Newark has been cancelled due to a massive storm coming up the east coast.


The earliest Continental can now get us back is January 3rd. We checked other airlines but there’s no availability today or tomorrow.

So I guess we get to remain in Nova Scotia for New Year’s Eve and my birthday. I won’t be working Friday, either.

Now that the initial annoyance has worn off, this isn’t all that bad an outcome, to be honest.