Films I’ve seen recently


  • Tusk. Jerk podcaster falls into the clutches of a madman. This is more of a straight-up horror film than I expected fanboy director Kevin Smith to be capable of. It’s still pretty silly, though, and hampered by a low budget and a ludicrous Johnny Depp cameo. 3/5.
  • Gone Girl. Couple with relationship problems mess each other up; or do they? David Fincher is a master stylist of direction, and Rosamund Pike is very good in her part. But the Doogie Barney Desi character is annoying. And the last 30 minutes jumps the shark (I’m sure the book did too) in a way that made me shake my head. 3/5.
  • The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. Final film in fantasy series builds to a big battle. Beautiful to look at (obviously). Despite being shorter than the first two Hobbits, it felt stretched (obviously). The joy has gone. Had to see it, though. 3/5.
  • Snowpiercer. We overreact to global warming and the remnants of humanity end up living on a train. Better than it had any right to be, with gripping direction. The staging of how the train classes evolved into social classes, with dictatorial leadership, was incredibly convincing. Great, brutal action scenes. Funny too. 4/5.
  • Big Hero 6. Kids in the near future build cool robots and solve a mystery. An animated story that really is for the whole family without trying too hard to drop in jokes for the adults. Just good, exciting, fun, funny storytelling. 5/5.
  • The Interview. Bumbling talk show guys get enlisted to kill the leader of North Korea. Pineapple Express was clever. This isn’t. 2/5.
  • Interstellar. Earth is dying and we need to find a new home. Top-notch film-making. Deep space sci-fi with physics and philosophy? This movie was made for me. Great acting all ’round, too. Epic on IMAX. Unfortunately the last 30 minutes included a touchy-feeling pluck of the heart-strings that took me a little bit out of it. 4/5.

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