Life happens

I haven’t blogged in the last couple of months because I’ve been busy. There have been tweets and Facebook updates and Google+ posts in the interim but there’s been precious little time to sit down and write things like this. But I have a (probably short) window now.

I’ve been busy because of these things:

  • New house. We moved to Seaforth, on Sydney’s northern beaches, at the end of November. This has been an immense time sink. Fixing all the little surprises the previous owners left behind, setting up our things the way we want, buying new furniture, figuring out new routines and new commutes, utilities, and so on. My handyman skills have gone up significantly as a result, and the tool chest I got for my birthday is very welcome. But we’re now happy with the house. Mostly.
  • Christmas and New Year’s. Although this was one of the quietest holiday periods we’ve had in a while there’s always stuff to do: gifts, calls with family, visiting friends, having friends at ours.
  • Visitors. The Brisbanians came to see us for several days, which was a lot of fun. I also had an aunt from Canada visiting for just a day as she stopped in Sydney at the end of a cruise.
  • Baby preparation. Our first baby’s due date is February 1. That’s not far. There have been a lot of things to do, but we’re now as ready as we feel we can be. So my blogging spurt may be short-lived.

Take care, everyone.

Relaxing while I can.


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