Better pubs in Marrickville

My Sydney neighbourhood of Marrickville continues to develop. It’s a well-established trend for run-down urban areas to go through a gentrification cycle of attracting bohemians, followed by cashed-up yuppies. Marrickville is now well down that path.

It started a couple of years ago with an explosion of cafes. Adding to the previously-existing Bourke Street Bakery branch, Coffee Alchemy, Kelbys, Post Cafe, Marrickville Road Cafe, Cafe 279, and Glasshouse, we now have Cornersmith, Double Roasters, Vesbar, Beejay’s, and Whole Bean, with more every day.


The Henson

Now it’s happening with pubs. The watering holes on Marrickville Road are pretty crappy, but there are three new entries in the neighbourhood:

  • The Vic. Technically on the verge of Enmore, but I’ll claim it for Marrickville. Not long ago it was a fairly average old-man pub with waitresses in skimpies on Fridays. It’s still a boozer with sports screens up front, but the back is now a dining room and fully-stocked bar. They’ve got fantastic food (the selection of tasty sliders is a winner, as is the beef pie), a deck, and a funky car park space they use to put on events.
  • The Ritz. Very close to us, right beside Banana Joe’s grocery store, this was a set of noodle and fabric shops, but has now just opened as a large, airy, family-oriented pub with decent-looking food, industrial decor, and a room for bands upstairs. It’s a transferred pub license from the old Henson Park Hotel, farther up Illawarra Road, which closed because they weren’t getting enough business. I walked through today, and have to say I was impressed.
  • The Henson. This makes me happy: some folks thought that they could make a go of the Henson Park Hotel with a shift of clientele, and it’s now re-opened as a family-oriented gastro pub. I had lunch here today and it was fantastic. And the place was packed with people enjoying the sunny courtyard. And there’s an entire play building for the kids. And dogs are welcome. This pub is nestled in a residential area, and I think they’ve got it spot on.

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