Jaws: the new restoration at the Randwick Ritz

My favourite movie, Jaws, has been digitally restored to a pristine new version. I mentioned this on my other blog because of the technology involved, which is impressive.

Last night this sharper-than-ever version was shown at the Ritz cinema here in Sydney, presented by the film event folks at Popcorn Taxi, and a mate and I went. It was great. People dressed up in shark outfits (I wore my chalkboard scene T-shirt), Universal gave away some DVDs, and we saw the whole glorious film in big-screen digitalness.

Jaws came out in 1975 so I was too young to see it on its original theatrical release, and I’ve never seen it big-screen since. It was fun to do so last night with a room full of other fans. The film looked amazing, and sounded MUCH more impressive. Wow. The big thrill-ride of adventure, humour, shocks, man vs. nature, all played out in sights and sounds that were sharper and louder than ever before. It was a real event.

The “You’re gonna need a bigger boat” line got a massive cheer and round of applause.

I can’t imagine wanting to watch it again for a while now. I feel full, like a shark who’s chomped down too many people.

Top: original Jaws theatrical version. Bottom: digitally restored version.


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