Sir David Attenborough: A Life on Earth, on stage at the State Theatre of NSW

Sir David Attenborough is a living legend. Nearly everyone who’s seen TV has seen that grandfatherly demeanour, heard that soothing British voice, that love for animals, knows of his tireless determination to bring the whole of humanity magical films on nature’s majesty. I can’t imagine another public figure who gets as much uniform love and respect. And he comes across as a genuine, humble gentleman.

I’ve seen most of his nature films at one time or another, have watched a documentary on the man himself, and have read his biography. Last night I got to see him in a new venture, in a live conversation at the State Theatre of New South Wales, where he recaps his life and his love for animals, and engages with the public about what concerns him and what he’s doing next. He’s doing a handful of these shows across Australia.

He was wonderful last night. He tells his stories from the stage in the same charming way that he would in your living room. Many of the stories, and film clips, I’d heard or seen before, but it was great to her him recount them. He was sharp, and relaxed, and funny. Some clips were new, including some sneak preview bits of upcoming interactive iPad apps and 3D films. He answered questions from the audience, and talked about the importance of humans doing something about global warming now.

Attenborough is 86 years old, and still finding new ways to introduce us to the natural world. The entire theatre radiated love back at him.


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