Australian citizenship ceremony

Recently I attended an Australian citizenship ceremony because a good mate of mine was becoming an Aussie. He was born in the US but has been living here with an Australian wife for some time, so has taken the steps – including taking the test – to become a dual citizen.

It was a nice ceremony. About 60 people were granted their citizenship, presided over by the deputy mayor of the suburb. It was quick, taking only about 30 minutes in total. The guest speaker – a local clergyman – said hello in all the languages of the original nationalities represented, poked fun at how Australians speak, drew attention to the freedoms and responsibilities the citizens of this country enjoy, and pointed out that one in every four residents of Australia was not born in this country (a staggering statistic).

After they each received their certificates we sang “Advance Australia Fair”, and ate Lamingtons and Anzac biscuits. Our little gang went to the pub around the corner for some Toohey’s New and a pie. Proper.

I’ll be able to apply for Australian citizenship after I’ve been resident here for four years. That will be at the end of October 2013. I definitely will, to add to my growing collection (currently Canadian and British).


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