More wine I like

I’ve visited two wineries recently that I quite liked.

Coming back up the coast from Christmas holidays we stopped at Two Figs on the Shoalhaven coast. They’ve been there for only five years, but have a gorgeous spot and some decent quality wines for the price. Their 2011 Verdelho was nice enough, as was their 2011 Rosé. Their 2010 Chambourcin really floated my boat, though: lots of white pepper.

On a random weekend trip north we stopped into Cassegrain, near Port Macquarie, based on a recommendation. And I’m glad we did because they have a huge range of wines. They were really nice to us at the cellar door, too, which matters a lot. I liked several of their bottles, namely:

  • NV Stone Ciurcle Sparkling Rosé was fantastic
  • 2011 Premium Verdelho was delicious
  • 2011 Edition Noir Viognier also fab
  • 2006 Reserve Fromenteau Chardonnay would have been great with food
  • 2009 Premium Shiraz was nice
  • 2011 Edition Noir Cabernet Franc was very nice
  • 2010 Edition Noir Pinot Noir was really very nice
  • 2009 Sangiovese was tasty, and a variety you don’t see all the time here
  • 2007 Reserve Shiraz was quite good
  • 2006 Reserve Shiraz was really awfully freakin’ good
  • Fortified white-port-like Cassaé was delish

Okay, so they had a lot of wines I liked.


Cassegrain cellar door

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