Oktoberfest at the Concordia Club in Tempe

I love me an Oktoberfest; have ever since I did the real one in Munich in 2000.

As it happens there’s a German club – the Concordia Club – in Tempe just around the corner from where we live. And, as any good German club should be expected to do, they’re holding their own Oktoberfest celebrations over two weekends.

A few friends and I went over yesterday. It was better than I expected: they had the dancers, band, tent, tons of German food, big beer glasses, and crazy felt and goat hair hats. The band switched between polkas and pop tunes effortlessly. It was a fun, beer-drinking singalong.

If you’re in Sydney next weekend, you should go.

I also ate a pig knuckle that was as big as my head.



If you can’t make out my t-shirt, it says “Meat Is Murder. Tasty, tasty murder.”


1 Response to “Oktoberfest at the Concordia Club in Tempe”

  1. 1 Jose
    October 2, 2011 at 1:43 pm

    Good review. Stupid t-shirt.

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