I know some publish-y people

A couple of smart, driven people I knew back in London are doing well for themselves, and getting books published. I believe in celebrating successes. So yay!

Sian Meades has her fingers in several writing pies. But it’s you-can-have-it-all blog Domestic Sluttery, which she founded, that’s going to be published in book form in November. If you’re a woman who realises – or wants to realise – that you needn’t be perfect to be fabulous, pre-order it now.

Niamh Shields has been blogging about food and travel at Eat Like A Girl for a long time now. But she recently saw the publication of Comfort & Spice, her first book of recipes. Buy it now, if you love food and want to love making it. No one loves food like Niamh.

There you have it: two great people who are realising dreams. That’s pretty awesome.

It does imply, however, that if you want to get published you need to have an Irish [or Welsh] woman’s name.


1 Response to “I know some publish-y people”

  1. September 19, 2011 at 10:13 am

    Awww, how sweet you are. Really, your post means heaps. Maybe one day the publishers will sell millions of copies in Aus and insist I fly out there for a book tour.

    But Sian is Welsh, not Irish 😉

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