Movies I’ve seen recently

  • Green Hornet. In 3D. It was just okay. Not far from the typical Seth Rogen film; that is, silly fun. It didn’t have as much Michel Gondry feel as I’d hoped it might. The 3D was pretty pointless except during the KatoVision fights. Meh.
  • Pirahna. Too knowing, too ludicrous, too much extremism for its own sake. Didn’t see it in 3D. I like a violent, funny film as much as anybody, but neither the nods to Jaws nor a still-hot Elizabeth Shue nor a non-stop parade of nudity could make this interesting.
  • True Grit. Fantastic. The Coens miss as many as they hit these days, but when they hit they hit big. So tight and kinetic. Jeff Bridges is amazing, there’s great chemistry between the actors, though I still can’t see Matt Damon without just seeing Matt Damon. Still, a fantastic story.
  • Tron: Legacy. Much better than I expected. I was a teenage fan of the original, and this was a worthy update. Not too serious, but good action, mind-blowing special effects (I saw it in IMAX 3D), and a superb Daft Punk soundtrack. And more Jeff Bridges!

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