Marrickville Festival, David Suzuki, and Bar Awards

Sydney continues to unveil bits of fun for me to enjoy.

  • On the weekend was the Marrickville Festival. The two main streets here closed to traffic and opened to stalls selling all sorts of things. Much of it wasn’t interesting, but the food was great (I had Portuguese and Indian). And there was a stage of live music through the afternoon. Unfortunately it chucked down buckets of rain all day, so we didn’t stay too long.
  • On Sunday night we saw one of the great Canadians speak at the Opera House: David Suzuki. The scientist, environmentalist and educator is nearly 75 and doing his farewell speaking tour. He was passionate and thoughtful and funny and energetic. It was quite touching to see and hear him; I’d nearly forgotten what a cultural icon he is back in Canada. And he’s no small shakes here in Australia, either, as the Opera House main hall was packed.
  • Last night we attended TimeOut Sydney’s Bar Awards. In hindsight it was probably bad to attend an event with never-ending absinthe cocktails on a Monday night. But it was awesome for hipster/poser/wanker-watching.

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