Night Noodle Markets

Crave is the name  of Sydney’s International Food Festival, and it’s on now.

One of its events is two weeks of Night Noodle Markets in Hyde Park. If you’re downtown after work you can stroll over to sample Asian and Middle Eastern food from dozens of restaurants, set up to look a bit like southeast Asian hawker stalls. In addition to all the food and drink there’s music and dancers and other entertainment.

I went last night and had some pretty good chicken satay with a cold beer, some decent chicken pad thai, and some wonderful passionfruit and chilli sorbet. There were Chinese dragon dancers. There were other people dancing on a stage that I couldn’t really see because it was raining and I was huddled under a tree. The lights made the park a really nice place to be at night. I’ll definitely be going back to sample some of the other stalls next week.

The Night Noodle Market is on in Hyde Park, from October 11-15 and 18-22 (weekdays only), from 5 to 9.30pm on each of those days.

Night Noodle Market in Hyde Park, part of Sydney Crave


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