Donation and Quack

It was a bloody good day, in at least three senses.

At lunchtime today I popped out of the office and to the nearby Red Cross Blood Service donation centre. It was a nice, new facility, and my first time there. I think they were understaffed, though, because it took quite a long time to get through. But the staff that were there were all really nice. They missed my vein on the first try of the right arm, but got a good bleeder on my left. I think I may have to switch to my left for good now; too many years of right-arm donating have left me with scar tissue, they tell me. And my O-neg duty is done for another few months.

Tonight I saw a play at the SBW Stables theatre in Kings Cross called Quack. It’s a sardonic comedy set in an old-time outback Australian mining town. It’s about the hubris and blindness of small-minded belief systems, whether ancient or modern. It’s about pressure and expectations and wanting to get away from both. And it’s about a zombie outbreak. In amongst the soliloquies and confrontations are giant splatterings of blood, flesh, piss, pus, shit, sputum, and severed limbs. It’s hilariously profane and grotesque. It was great fun.

Quack is only showing in Sydney for a few more days. If you like your satire coated in vomit and blood, you can’t miss it.

Aimee Horne as Fanny in QUACK


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