WLG pop-up restaurant

I never had the chance to go to the Bayswater Brasserie, the recently-closed bistro-style eatery in King Cross, though I hear it was quite good.

I went to the building last night, however, for WLG, the Brasserie’s new (if temporary) assignment as a pop-up restaurant showcasing New Zealand food, drink, chefs, and servers. For two weeks the place will have a rotating menu of Kiwi dishes, designed and cooked by Kiwi chefs. All the wine and beer and coffee comes from New Zealand. It’s essentially a gustatory tourist show for our southeastern neighbour.

It was a good deal. A sample plate of starters, a choice of three mains, a dessert, and coffee for $29 per person. All wines were $7 per glass (or something like $27 per bottle).

I got the heads-up about the event from TimeOut, and got tickets a couple of weeks ago; I think it’s all sold out now, though you can walk up and hope for no-shows. Last night was the only night we could make it. It was also opening night. I knew that meant there was a high probability of chaos. In the end we did get some of that in the form of very long waits and slightly scattered service.

But everyone was very nice during that extended service. The vibe was great, and the brasserie looked good and was packed elbow-to-elbow (dining was at long, shared tables). All the food was good (barring the average whitebait in our starter plate), especially my just-right venison. Some of the wines were quite good. The coffee, from Mojo, was excellent.

WLG seem like a lot of fun, good value, and a great idea. The pop-up nature means they’re never going to work out all the kinks, so expect things to take an hour longer than they should, sit back, and enjoy. And maybe plan that trip to NZ.


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