Bing Lee is amazing

Here’s one of the things I’ve come to love about Australia: Bing Lee.

For those who aren’t here, they’re an electronics and appliances retailer. And their selling point is that everything’s negotiable. Whatever you go in for you can expect to haggle for. No one ever pays the sticker price at Bing Lee.

Perhaps they just bump up their sticker price, you say, so all you do is haggle down to a fair price. I’m sure there’s some of that happening, but the prices don’t seem that high (to me) to begin with.

When I bought my new TV I’d done my homework and knew the cheapest price I could get online (which is usually the best price you can get these days). I made sure the salesman knew I knew this price, so he went right down to within a hundred bucks of it (and threw in a voucher that meant I actually got a better deal than I could online).

I’ve gone into Bing Lee to buy odds and ends that I didn’t even try to haggle on. The salesman took some money off without any prompting from me whatsoever! Everything’s negotiable, even when you don’t try to negotiate.

So here’s to you, Bing Lee. Because I, like everyone, like to think I’m getting a bargain.


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