iPad apps

Here are the apps I have on my iPad so far.

  • iBooks. I haven’t downloaded any books yet, but this was a free app that I think I was prompted to get during the iPad setup, so why not.
  • Tweetdeck. Gotta have that twitter capability. On my laptop I prefer a simple, slim-line client. But since you can’t multitask on the iPad I thought I might as well use an app that has all the features.
  • Evernote. Every article I read on iPad apps said this one is brilliant. I haven’t used it in anger yet.
  • ABC. Nicely-formatted news for this part of the word.
  • Discover. A beautiful, intuitive, fluid way to interact with Wikipedia on the iPad.
  • Comic Viewer. One of only two apps I’ve paid for so far. The page-size format of the iPad is perfect for comics, and this app is fun, simple, and easy. It keeps track of where you left off in each comic, vital for a device that doesn’t multi-task. I’ve loaded all 230-some issues of Savage Sword of Conan onto my iPad. I can’t stop reading them.
  • Dropbox. The popular filesharing app.
  • AirVideo. I initially doubted whether I’d watch many films on my iPad. It felt like it would be a pain: I would have to convert avi’s and other file types into Quicktime to be able to play, and then take the time to transfer the file to the iPad by sync, eating up memory. That is, until I learned about AirVideo. It’s the other app I paid for, and it’s sooo worth it. Put the client app on your iPad, put the server on your running laptop/desktop that has video files, and AirVideo will stream them from that computer to your iPad, converting as it goes. You can browse the folders you choose to share from your iPad and play whatever you’d downloaded without all the hassle of conversion and transfer. Suh-weet.

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