More Aussie words

Going on to 9 months now in Australia and I’m still learning new words and phrases.

  • Stoush – a fight or argument
  • Garbo – a garbage man, rubbish collector
  • Spruik – to promote something in order to sell it or have it accepted
  • Rort – a scam to obtain money, typically cheating the system to get public money
  • Compo – worker’s compensation pay
  • Ranga – a derogatory name for someone with red hair, a short form of orangutan
  • Bluey – another derogatory name for a redhead
  • Back of Bourke – a very remote area (I met someone this week who’s from Wanaaring, which actually is from back of Bourke)
  • Beyond the Black Stump – a very remote area
  • Cactus – broken, dead, not working

I actually heard someone use the phrase, “It’s a garbo compo stoush,” the other day, describing some disagreement that the rubbish collectors’ union was having with the government on compensation levels.


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