Digital Citizens: getting buy-in and creating social media change

I attended my first Digital Citizens meeting in Sydney last night. These are informal gatherings of social media and ‘net-minded people who want to discuss and share and drink beer. Last night’s get-together was at the Burdekin Hotel.

Last night’s topic was “Can you create organisational and cultural change to embrace the social media revolution in even the most uptight workplace?” There was a panel, and questions and comments from us, the assembled crowd. The variety of human experience and opinion being what it is I don’t believe we centred in on definitive answers. But it seems to me that social media is the front of  a wave like most other “change waves” that have set upon business and arts and other endeavours. There’s always organisational and individual inertia that resists change; people will get there, kicking and screaming, once they’re shown the way often enough and in terms they understand. The difference this time is who the change agents are: low-level geeks and youngsters.

I couldn’t stay late, unfortunately. I’m hoping that this forum will be a good networking opportunity for me, as London Bloggers Meetup and Qype were in the UK.

People at Digital Citizens last night. Photo from vornstar


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