Long weekend: Part 1

It’s funny how although Canada gets a day off for Victoria Day and Australia (and a few other Commonwealth countries) does the same on The Queen’s Birthday, the United Kingdom no longer has any such long weekend. Brits get Trooping the Colour on TV and little else.

Well, too bad for the Poms*. Here it’s a long weekend, and that suits me fine. It’s the start of winter, so it’s getting cool – nights are about 5C in Sydney, hitting freezing out in the sticks – but it’s still, so it’s still 14C or so in the afternoon.

Friday night we visited friends (other recent immigrants we met back on Anzac Day weekend) for dinner at their place. They’re good folks, friendly and interesting and chatty. They’re both keen to learn from our Australian experiences and bold in striking out on their own. We played with their kids, had some good lamb tagine, and necked a couple of bottles of wine. I like doing something on the first evening of a long weekend: it makes it feel like you maximise the time available.

Saturday was busy househunting, which is the next big task ahead of us. We saw about eight places in a few hours. There’s a good range of housing available, and there are things available that we like and can afford, so it’s all very encouraging. We’re looking before we leap, though.

We don’t really have any plans for Sunday or Monday, yet. I’m thinking that both the Sydney Biennale and Vivid festival deserve a look, though.

*See how quickly I’ve turned?


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