Catalonia: Tapas in Kirribilli

Almost by chance we happened to visit Catalonia, a tapas restaurant in nearby Kirribilli tonight. It was one of the most amazing meals I’ve ever had.

The place itself is casual, warm, not too bustling, with good service, and a good layout. It’s on a side street, but seems busy with regulars in the know. The food…my god, the food.

Serrano ham with endive, fig, honey and sherry vinegar jelly, and walnuts: just the right balance of textures, and a sweet-and-salty mix that made me drool.

Chorizo with lentils and saffron potato pure: superb. Not oily, nor overcooked. Brilliant texture, even a nice temperature.

Green salad with aged manchego and sherry vinaigrette: just the right crisp break between meaty bites.

Crisp pork belly with mojo verde, roasted romaine, radish and tomato compote: mind-blowing. I’ve had an awful lot of pork belly in my life. This was clearly the best I’ve ever eaten. Its fat was marbled throughout the flesh, rather than concentrated in a layer. The skin was bubbly, crispy, and thin. The accompanying sauces were perfect. It was seriously, seriously good.

This sets a radically dangerous precedent.


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