Half marathon results

The official results of my half-marathon on the weekend were published today.

So I actually shaved more than 6.5 minutes off my previous race’s time. Yeah!

My finish time is at the top 29th percentile of all runners, 39th percentile for males aged 40-44, and 38th for males of all ages. Other stats I find that I kept a pretty steady pace throughout: 11.97 km/h in the first 10km, 12.35 km/h in the next 10km, and 12.06 km/h in the final 1.1km.

What’s most interesting to me is that my racetime rank at the end of 10km was #2971 out of 8731; at the end of 20km it was #4735; and at the end of 21.1km it was #2504. That means I was roughly in the top third at the end of the first 10km; then I dropped back to midway at the end of 20km (which means, since I kept a mostly even – yet slightly higher during that leg – speed, that many other must have really poured it on); but then I made it all up and more in the last 1.1km (which implies that many people just died in that last bit).

And now I’m already thinking about what my next run might be.


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