Double driving demerits on holiday weekends: a good idea

Australia – like many countries – uses a demerit system for driving penalties. If you’re caught speeding, driving without a seatbelt, or otherwise being unsafe while in control of a motor vehicle you get demerit points on your driver’s license. If you get too many demerits you can lose your license.

There’s another twist here, though, that I’ve not seen elsewhere: during holiday weekends double demerit points apply. That is, if you’re caught and given one of these penalties on a long weekend – like this Anzac Day weekend – you get twice the normal number of demerits.

The implication is that (a) there are more people on the road, making unsafe driving even riskier, or (b) people tend to drive more unsafely on long weekends, possibly because of parties and drinking. I wouldn’t be surprised if both of those things are true. And I think that there’s nothing wrong with making penalties harsher during those times.


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