Sydney Bloggers Meetup

Last night I attended my second Sydney Bloggers Meetup. Like the first one, it was at The Arthouse Hotel. Also, like the first one, it…wasn’t over-attended.

But there were new faces, included someone whose stuff I’ve read at ScienceBlogs: Tim Lambert at Deltoid. That was very cool, as I’d seen Tim’s ongoing battle with the climate denialism of newpaper The Australian. I spoke to him briefly on the recent increase in denialism due to the media throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

The lovely Catherine from Domestic Joy was there again, too. My London blogging experience with food bloggers was that I sometimes got to ride their coattails to foodie events. I’ll be sticking close!

I was also asked to speak to the gathered few about my experiences with Twitter, and about the upcoming Sydney Twestival [web page | facebook | twitter].

The only downside to the evening was that – due to an overzealous doorman’s dress-code application at the admittedly swish Arthouse – I had to sneak my shorts-wearing self up the back stairs. He gave me a dirty look when he saw me leave, but TOO LATE, SUCKER!

I definitely plan to keep up with the Sydney Bloggers. The conversations are always good, and there’s certainly room to grow it.


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