Ouffer: mutually beneficial group buying?

I just caught an ad for something here in Oz called Ouffer. They call it “mutually beneficial group buying”. How it works: the folks at Ouffer go to a business and say, If we can get a large number of people to come to your business, what kind of discount can they get?

By promising a large number of customers and free advertising, companies may see it as a sort of first-time customer discount as well as a volume discount. If they go for the idea, Ouffer list it on their web page along with the minimum number of people necessary to get the discount . I’m sure a little bit of that saving goes to Ouffer; they must be making money out of this somehow. Still, they’re advertising that their deals will be for 40% to 90% off regular prices.

Customers go to Ouffer’s web page and – if they like the service and the price – enter their credit card details to get in on the limited-time offer. If the minimum number to get the discount sign up, then Ouffer charges everyone’s cards and issues them vouchers to go to the business and take advantage of the discounted price. If no one’s interested and the minimum number isn’t met no one gets charged and the offer never happens. No harm, no foul.

Ouffer have links to make it easy to spread the word about offers by Twitter, Facebook, and email. The more friends you get in on the deal, the more likely it is you’ll hit the minimum. It’s free to join; all you pay is the discounted offer price of anything you want and that enough people sign up for.

This seems like an excellent idea to me.


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