Things to do in Sydney when it rains

It’s been raining a lot here in Sydney for the last few days. I had a few things to get to yesterday, though, and now that I’m car-enabled I wasn’t about to let precipitation stop me from getting to them.

After a couple of bouts of plantar’s fasciitis plus the determination to do more serious runs this year I decided to get a professional consult on some new running shoes. I’d always bought Nikes; while they’re comfortable, they don’t appear to be used much by serious runners. So I went to the Sydney Running Centre, got some excellent analysis and advice, tried on a few shoes, and settled on a pair of New Balance MR760ST. I ran on them this morning, and they feel great.

I then stopped by the Blender Gallery in Paddington, a funky little space that’s currently showing It’s A Long Way To The Top: An exhibition of photographs – a tribute to AC/DC. There were several dozen, and were great because of their lack of affectedness. AC/DC don’t seem interested in posing much. All the photos were of the band members goofing around, or playing on stage, or lined up against a wall. The show is on until 02 March 2010 and is free.

Last night we caught Up In The Air at the lush Hayden Orpheum. It was a pleasant film, simple and warm and with likable characters.

The rain’s broken enough today that I’ve been out for a run. Now to plan what comes next.


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