Little Green Footballs: not so right-wing anymore

A little over three years ago I blogged about visiting a blog called Little Green Footballs, which was – at the time – one of the most vitriolic right-wing places on the web. My experience was one of aggression and hate. I’ve never gone back.

I just read, though, that blog owner Charles Johnson had a bit of a conversion and has disowned the far right. It’s true: here’s his blog entry explaining why from November, and a Huff Po interview about it and the threats he’s received. The comments I read on LGF now seem moderate and almost free from the cruelty that characterised them before. It seems it was a gradual conversion, but that November post was a clear statement of the shift.

LGF isn’t preaching socialism or anything, but – as one who dipped his toe in the pool – it’s shifted in some big ways. I wouldn’t have thought it possible in late 2006, and I think it’s admirable that it has.


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