Sydney Festival First Night

We didn’t get to see as much of the Sydney Festival’s First Night as we’d have liked, but what we saw was great.

We caught the 100-saxophone-strong Sax and the City troupe jazzing it up from a building’s balconies.

On our way through Hyde Park we managed to see a bit of Grrilla Step‘s hip-hop show.

We saw the tail end of Bobby Singh’s show with Band of Brothers at the south end of Hyde Park.

But the highlight, by far, was the half-hour show by The Manganiyar Seduction. They’re 43 musicians from Rajasthan in India, and they perform music in a giant stacked “magic box”. Each box is unveiled when the performer in it starts, and is lit up when they play. It’s fantastic. The show builds to a great crescendo of drums and strings. The packed crowd loved it.

We tried to get in to see soul legend Al Green afterwards, but it was too late: that part of the park was already at capacity and they’re weren’t letting anyone else in. Still, we got to see a Scottish pipe band on the way back to the ferry.

It was a lot of fun and a great vibe at the Festival First Night.

Here’s a YouTube vid of a past performance by the Manganiyar Seduction, to show you what they’re like.


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