New year’s day

January 1st has been a good start to the year.

  • We had a late, lazy breakfast after last night’s celebrations.
  • We took the ferry to Circular Quay, then to Watsons Bay, and feasted on salt and pepper squid from Doyles on the Wharf. Totally worth the wait and the crowds going there and coming back. We walked out to the headland, too.
  • We went to Darling Harbour and caught Avatar in IMAX 3D. Wow. The plot cliches and character stereotypes are pretty lame, but if you go in expecting a simple morality tale with heavy-handed environmental, anti-military/industrial and “noble savage” themes then at least you won’t be surprised. But wow. What an incredible film to look at. And anyone who bothers to watch it in 2D is simply wasting their time.

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