Laneways By George! 2009 – Hidden Networks

Hidden Networks is this year’s program from By George!

The By George! temporary public art program brings together the City of Sydney’s commitment to nurturing creativity in Sydney and to providing programs to enliven the City’s laneways and forgotten spaces.

In 2007 the Art & About program included Live Lanes, a series of installations, performances and events in a number of [Central Business District] CBD laneways.

In 2008 the City invited local artist-run organisations to develop concepts for temporary installations which were launched during Art & About. The By George! 2008 projects animated the laneways with thought-provoking and engaging installations.

In 2009, the City is working with curator and urban designer Dr Steffen Lehmann to develop the next stage of this exciting program.

One of the works in this year’s program was Seven Metre Bar, which I’ve now been to a few times. But I’ve also seen PS: Potential Spaces, have been through The Meeting Place a few times, and have walked beneath the endangered birdsounds of Forgotten Songs. I think it’s very cool to turn down an alley for a shortcut and stumble across something that makes you stop and think.

Forgotten Songs. Photo from Halans via Creative Commons license


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