Running in the new ‘hood

I was a bit worried that our new place in Neutral Bay wouldn’t afford me good running opportunities. I like to run around large parks; being near the leafy greenness is soothing whilst sweating and gasping for air. It’s pretty residential, but pretty built up around here.

I’ve found a couple of decent spots, though. If I run a few streets to the east I can reach Cremorne Reserve, a thin strip of nature around one of the points in the harbour. It’s got a well-paved trail, is a few kilometers around, has lots of tree cover, has no cyclists, and boasts some great views of the harbour. Here are some people’s flickr pictures of the place and its views.

Cremorne Reserve. Photo by mswebersd via Creative Commons license

If I go to the west – as I did this morning – I only have to cross one main road and I’m in the backstreets of posh Kirribilli. Follow the water’s edge around and there’s a paved path and boardwalk that tracks across the water from the Opera House, underneath the train-and-automobile clatter of the Harbour Bridge, along the front of Luna Park, and over to Lavender Bay. It’s not so leafy green, but it’s a varied, interesting, changing-neighbourhood, dynamic run.

Lavender Bay. Photo by MD111 via Creative Commons license

And if I want to stay closer to home, or I desperately need to feel grass under my feet, then I can just run down to the bottom of the hill and run around Anderson Park a bunch of times.

Anderson Park. Photo by emmettanderson via Creative Commons license

I think these will be able to keep me running for the time I’m here.


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