CuBBYHOuSE at the Old Fitzroy Hotel

The Old Fitzroy Hotel is a pub in Wooloomooloo (central Sydney, for those readers who aren’t local). It’s got a small theatre in the back; it holds only about 50 people, and puts on small plays. One of our (few) friends here happens to be a tradesman who did some substantial work for the theatre, and managed to swing us a couple of tickets for a production the other night.

The pub was fun, full of locals as it’s not on any busy pedestrian thoroughfare or tourist circuit. After a couple of drinks and some tasty Thai food we slipped into the well-air-conditioned (whew) theatre.

The play was called CuBBYHOuSE. It was a wacky, hilarious, good-natured, two-person play. Surreal, musical, light-hearted, it made us all laugh out loud. It made fun of Aussies who move abroad, pop culture, Canadians, imaginary friends, and libraries. It was, ostensibly, about following your dreams. But mostly it seemed like a creative antidote to morose, heavy-themed art. Good stuff, and a fun, intimate venue.

CuBBYHOuSE performers Adriano Cappelletta and Holly Austin

CuBBYHOuSE performers Adriano Cappelletta and Holly Austin


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    I highly enjoyed reading this article, keep on posting such exciting stuff!!

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