Some other things I’ve noticed about Australia

  • People often leave the bus from the front door, even if the path to the rear one is clear and there are people getting on the front.
  • If you’re on an escalator you stand on the left and let people walk past you on the right. This is the same as if you were driving, which makes sense. It’s also the reverse of how it’s done in the UK, which never did.
  • Bicyclists often ride on the sidewalks. I don’t know whether this is law or custom, but it happens all the time. Walkers need to be wary.
  • A significant portion of restaurants – a third? a half? – are BYO for wine at least. This is an incredibly awesome thing. Though charging corkage when all wine bottles are screw-tops is lame.
  • Screw-top wine bottles are awesome. As are the little tearaway reminder labels on the back of wine bottles so you can easily remember bottles you liked.
  • Everything rounds to 5 cents: smart.
  • Tipping isn’t extravagant here. You usually just round up. It’s much more like Europe than North America. Nice.
  • Wines are stronger here. Higher temperatures produce more sugar in the grapes, which ferments to produce more alcohol in the wine. Instead of the 12% common in Europe, 14% seems to be the average here. Proceed with caution.
  • If you get into a taxi here it’s common for you to sit in the front with the driver.
  • There’s lots of free wifi at pubs and cafes.

2 Responses to “Some other things I’ve noticed about Australia”

  1. November 15, 2009 at 7:46 am

    The second point…Europe is like that, too. I
    think it’s just the States that decide to take up the entire path…

  2. 2 Gabriele
    November 15, 2009 at 2:04 pm

    I’ve seen some shiraz’s with 16% alcohol! I expect next year will see some bloated ones given the hot weather this year, particularly in South Australia.

    Corkage is more for glass usage/cleaning/breakages etc, but some places still charge an awful lot for corkage, which is a bit rich if their own wine list is pretty ordinary.

    I love rounding to 5c, I can’t handle tiny coins. In NZ they’ve even given that away and everything rounds to 10c.

    We rarely tip more than rounding up, if I do more than that I’m usually drunk, or I’ve had REALLY good service.

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