My last post about my first half marathon (I promise)

You’re probably bored, but I promise that this is the last time I waffle on about the half marathon.

As I said, I had a super day: the runners were great, the route through the parks was gorgeous and the cheering crowds were amazing. I ran the 13.1 miles without stopping once.

My goal was to see whether, on my first half and at age 40, I could break the 2 hour mark. I did, and by quite a bit: 01:50:57 was my official chip time (i.e., from when I crossed the start line to when I crossed the finish line). That places me at position 2965 of the 10,006 people who ran.

I placed 2112 out of the 4541 males in my age category (MSEN, which is men up to 40; I thought that since I was 40 I’d be in the M40 category, but I guess not. So I was at the oldest age in my category, which makes it even better).

I’m also pleased that although my time to the halfway point was 00:56:06, I did the second half of the race in 00:54:51 – faster than my first half! There’s also a gun time, but since we didn’t all start together that doesn’t mean much.

You can tell that I’m not lying by querying the results here: http://www.chiptiming.co.uk/results.php. Select “Royal Parks Half Marathon”, and enter my number: 8581.

What’s also really important is that thanks to people who donated I’ve so far raised £662 (that CAD$1080 or USD$1046) for Epilepsy Action. I stopped by their tent after the race and they were really chuffed about how much they raised on the day; they had over 70 runners. You can see those amounts – and a few sweaty pictures of me – at this link: http://www.justgiving.com/TiminatorRuns/

My running times mean that some of the people who promised a donation owe Epilepsy Action a bit more. One person said they’d double their donation if I beat 2 hours (which I did). Someone else said they’d give something for every mile I went before stopping (which is 13) as well as something for every minute I came in under two hours (which is 9).

I’m looking forward to running my next half marathon (in Australia!).


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