Weekend fun

This weekend was, wisely, a more subdued one than we’re tending toward these days. Time is short, and there’s a lot to do before we head Down Under, but some of that stuff happens closer to home.

On Saturday I ran 12 miles, the farthest I’ve yet done in preparation for my half marathon. It was a bit tough because I missed a couple of the shorter runs earlier in the week. Still, it gave me confidence that I’ll be able to do the 13.1 miles I need to do on the day.

Last night PC made us an awesome dinner at their place. It was, like every meal they make, wall-to-wall tastiness. I left stuffed. And it was really good to hang with them; we don’t have an endless number of London opportunities for that now.

Today I spent some time out wandering in London. The main thing I did was to see Telling Tales, a free exhibit at the V&A. It was a pretty mixed bunch of modern art. They’re pieces that try to tell a story, and are arranged in broad themes. They’re all very modern, and most are semi-functional, straddling the line between art and design. Worth a look since it’s free but I wouldn’t cross town for it.


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