Business as usual

I’ve gotten rid of a few dust-gathering things on eBay lately as part of a semi-regular purge. Although it’s becoming pretty ubiquitous I’ve still surprised by how slick a tool it is. Create a listing, run an auction, communicate with buyers, Bob’s your uncle.

The thing that got me this time is how PayPal is integrated with the Royal Mail. Once an object had been won and the winner paid by PayPal I was given the option of printing my postage out right from PayPal. All the addresses – buyer and my return address – are in the system, so there was very little to do. Just select how I want to send it, pay via my PayPal, print an address label, affix it to the package and drop it at the post office. I’m like a little business!

One object was large enough that I had to send it via courier. I picked Parcelforce and got pretty much the same online setup: select a postcode, a package weight, a shipping time, pay online, and print out the packing slip and arrange the courier pickup. They came yesterday and the transaction took seconds.

Click to enlarge

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I’m sure that full-time eBayers are laughing at my quaint naïveté. But I still find it easy to sit back and objectively marvel at the types of efficiency that the internet has made possible.


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