Qype 2nd birthday party, 80s music quiz and karaoke

Qype UK is now two years old, and last night they held a birthday bash at Lucky Voice karaoke in Islington (where I and some other Qypers have previously been spotted). Since I love writin’ reviews for these guys, and they love givin’ me stuff, I rounded up a few mates (tikichris was one) and went.

Fun, fun, fun: there was a (mostly) ’80s music quiz, with prizes for first, second and third placing teams. Surely, I thought, my age will give me an advantage over all the young punks who view that decade through the glasses of nostalgia. And it nearly did. Out of the 19 quiz teams, ours – Guilty Feet – came in fourth. Soooo close. Although it needs to be said that we were greatly benefited by the late addition of a couple of team members who were actually in Britain in the ’80s.

It was a whole bunch of fun. Those who were able to did a bit of an ’80s dress-up (which for many of the men was a default T-shirt under a jacket with the sleeves pushed up). I’m really forward to seeing some pics (Lucky Voice seemed to be taking loads).

We had a few beers and cocktails on Qype whilst we quizzed, and some very tasty pastries from nearby Euphorium Bakery.

After the quiz dust settled we had a free hour in the karaoke booths. I got in a few shouty attempts: The Doors, G’n’R, Frank Sinatra, and Prodigy. It was a school night, though, so we sloped off before things got out of hand.

The view of things from the Qype London blog.

Thanks for the party, Qype.


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