Wine tasting at the Princess Victoria

Two wine-tasting nights in a row!

Tonight we met PC at the super Princess Victoria pub in west London. It’s barely been open for a year, but this place has made a real gastronomic name for itself. They’re also running occasional wine events, the Rogue Palate Tastings for just a tenner.

Tonight’s tasting was a showcase for Austins vineyard from Geelong, Victoria, Australia. Owners Richard and Pam Austin were there and told us a bit about what we drinking. They make two ranges for different amounts of oaking and price points: the more affordable SixFootSix range and the pricier Austins range. Their climate means they can – and do – focus on pinot, but they also make a chardonnay and shiraz in each range too, all of which we tried (plus a riesling).

Everything was tasty but I preferred the rougher-edged SixFootSix versions of their pinot noir and shiraz, both ripe and plummy and spicy without being too robust for food.

And a nice touch: if you stay for dinner you can order bottles of any of the wines you tasted for half price (so of course we did). Since these are normally £30 to £40 bottles at this pub, that’s a pretty fine wine for a regular restaurant price.


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