Qype event: wine tasting at Carluccio’s

I attended a Qype wine tasting event back in April. Last night was another one, this time organised by TikiChris and held at Carluccio’s in Covent Garden. All the wines were from a single Sicilian winery: Planeta.

The setting was a classy and private upstairs room. Michael Stocks, Carluccio’s bar and training manager, took us through the wines. He’s clearly enthusiastic about Planeta as an example of a winemaker that’s doing things differently (i.e., following the new-world trend of naming bottles by grape type) and changing the presumed status quo on wines from Sicily.

Sicilian wine tasting at Carluccios with Qype. Photo from tikichris

Sicilian wine tasting at Carluccio's with Qype. Photo from tikichris

We had a good group of about twenty Qypers and tasted 11 wines, all supplemented by non-stop servings of yummy antipasti. I was pleased with the consistency of wine quality. Nothing was rubbish for my tastes, and a couple really wowed me, especially near the end. Whether that’s because I favour robust reds or because my fussiness diminishes as the evening goes on is a matter of eternal debate.

What we drank:

  • Rosé – Nice, not too sweet, and – since it’s made from Syrah – a little bit of gutsiness.
  • La Segreta Bianco – “The secret”. Too easy to drink for me. Meh.
  • Alastro – “The gorsebush”. A little different, very soft fruit, not too challenging.
  • Cometa – “The comet”. Lots of straw colour. Tingly. Tough, complex, yet balanced. I don’t like many whites, but I like this.
  • Chardonnay – Too much oak. I maintain it’s buttery, though my table thought I was nuts. Not a fan.
  • La Segreta Rosso – “The secret”. Meh
  • Cerasuolo di Vittoria – Very fruity, jammy, and rich. Needs some pretty rich food.
  • Santa Cecilia – Quite good, but hard for me to pin down the flavours.
  • Merlot – Again with jammy, candied fruit. Finish goes on and on. Nice.
  • Burdese – Wow. Fun. Big and ripe and very robust. Chunky is the word I use, though once again my table thinks me odd.
  • Moscato di Noto – Citrusy, of course, but especially lime. Okay on its own, quite good with the fab cannoli.

A great slice through an interesting set of wines with some good folks. Thanks, Qype!


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