Ealing Beer Festival

Last night a small handful of friends (it was meant to be a large handful, but there’s always some folks who can’t/don’t make it) got together at the 20th Ealing Beer Festival, run by the West Middlesex branch of the Campaign for Real Ale.

It’s set in lovely Walpole Park, just a few minutes from my house. Handy! It started on Wednesday and ends tomorrow (Saturday).

For £3 you get entry to an area with two huge tents full of hundreds of ales and some old-fashioned grub. There was a significant proportion of beardy ale fanatics there when I first arrived but the crowd diversified as the night went on.

I tried out a few half-pints, and most liked Somerset’s RCH Old Slug Porter and West Sussex’s Dark Star American Pale Ale (the latter a real treat since they’d sold out of their Espresso Stout). Also, the pig roast was good. The only bad thing about last night was that it was windy and unseasonably cold.

If you’re in Ealing tonight or tomorrow before 6pm, stop by the park and try a new and quality beer.



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