Baraka Brunch

Tikichris and his missus threw a brunch today to raise a bit of money and a lot of awareness about a charity they’re involved with: Baraka Community Partnerships. A good fifteen or twenty folks were invited to their flat for a delicious nosh and a chat from Andy McKee (BCP’s Programme Coordinator) and Richard Thornton (a regular visitor and volunteer to some of BCP’s projects).

What’s BCP all about? Here’s what they told me:

BCP is a small (very small!) charity that friends have started to help a few small and impoverished communities with achieving self-sufficiency and sustainability through support of education, healthcare, environmental protection and creation of small businesses.

The word “baraka” means blessing in many different languages, such as Hebrew, Swahili, Urdu, Persian and Turkish.
BCP is currently involved with a few projects in Tijzha and Igriss (Morocco) and Chikumbi and Lusaka (Zambia) and is considering getting involved in certain projects in Laos and Angola.  BCP aims to work alongside communities to determine their needs and goals and assist them in achieving those.

Click here for BCP’s website and be sure to look at the photos from the communities and of the projects on Flickr by clicking here and here.

BCP’s projects (completed/future) include:
  • renovating and rebuilding of medical facilities, homes and schools in Tijhza and Igriss, Morocco;
  • building a new bore hole in Chikumbi, Zambia;
  • organising volunteer tourism trips alongside Exodus Travels to Tijhza and Chikumbi to assist with various projects in the area;
  • building compost toilets in Chikumbi and Tijhza;
  • building new water towers in Tijhza;
  • providing clothing and footwear for villagers;
  • providing boots and kits, for two football teams for vulnerable children and AIDS orphans in Lusaka, Zambia;
  • organising carpet making and bee keeping skills groups in Tijhza and groups for the growing and selling of vegetables in Chikumbi;
  • sponsoring 14 children in Tijhza;
  • providing first aid supplies, reading glasses for village elders, dental hygiene supplies and vitamins for elderly, children and pregnant women in Tijhza and Igriss; and
  • funding a life changing corrective eye surgery for a 10 year old girl and jaw surgery to a single mother in Tijhza.

These guys aren’t a huge admin-heavy charity. They’re a small network of people who work really closely with the leaders of communities they’d like to help. They do things that definitely need to be done. And 100% of the donations – like ours today – go to helping people. If you’d like to help – financially, practically or simply by traveling more responsibly – then I’m sure they’d love for you to get in touch. Or even just follow them on Twitter @BarakaCommunity.

I’ve also got to give a shout to Bea’s of Bloomsbury for the intensely tasty quiches I ate at the brunch today. Sweet momma.

Ikrams smile makes me laugh

Ikram's smile makes me laugh


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