Qype summer party

Qype had their 2nd annual summer party last night. I was unable to make last year’s, so I made sure I popped over after work this time. I wasn’t able to stay for too long – I had to bail before 9pm – but I had a cool time whilst there.

The party was held at 93 Feet East on Brick Lane. The promise of free food and booze brought out lots of folks, regulars and newbies: there were easily a few hundred folk there. The drinks fund ran out pretty quickly, and the queue for free burritos was massive. There were tunes inside and lots of chat outside and just a good vibe.

There are hundreds of photos from last night, taken by tikichris, on the Qype London blog. He managed to catch me a few times in my monkey suit.

It was good to see and chat with lots of the folks I’ve come to know via Qype and elsewhere: Rob and Andrew and Urbanite and Kristiana and tikichris and MissRachelle and deCabbit and mseasons and anniemole and The Duck and warriorgrrl and bunches of others.

Thanks, Qype!

"Are you going to finish that burrito, Mel?"

"Are you going to finish that burrito, Mel?"

Photo by tikichris


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