London Bloggers: Blog tag

Tag, you're it!

Tag, you're it!

London Blogger Meetup organiser Andy Bargery recently noted that the group has many more blogs than he’s been able to read. So he instigated a round of Blog Tag. I was just tagged by the saucy Epicurienne, so here’s my turn to tag three other LBM members.

I hope none of these folks have been tagged already. I couldn’t find a list of who’d already been tagged.

Also, although that sneaky Epicurienne sort of cheated and mentioned this blog and my other one, I’m only going to BlogTag from this one so as not to create too many confusing trackbacks.

Blog #1 – The Seldom Seen Kid

Matt Churchill writes about social media, PR, and music (the fact that his blog is named after Elbow’s excellent Mercury Prize-winning 2008 album is a hint). Or, at least he says he does: he actually seems to cover lots of topics. His recent piece on cloud computing is interesting, and is something I’ve been involved with a bit recently. There’s a piece on whether Twitter has any use in the classroom. There are several entries on mobile companies, whether YouTube links to their ad campaigns or articles about movements to reduce termination fees. Matt’s most recent post is a rather different – and poignant – one about his frustration with trying to make it in a band. He updates frequently: check it out. Tag, you’re it, Matt!

Blog #2 – gloCaltravel blog

This is the blog for gloCaltravel, Barbara Soldi’s online travel agency promoting responsible tourism in Mexico. I got to meet Barbara briefly at a previous LBM, so she deserves a shout. As does her blog: she doesn’t seem to update it too frequently, but she goes for quality when she does. The recent swine flu outbreak obviously warranted a mention (particularly in the way that it seemed hyped out of proportion with its impact relative to other more familiar health concerns). There are posts on the questionable status of eco-branded resorts, encroachment on nature reserves, and captive animal parks. Tag, you’re it, Barbara! Give us more updates.

Blog #3 – Tray Butler

I don’t think I’ve met Tray. I picked his blog randomly from the list. But it’s great. Tray’s a writer and an illustrator, which means that all his blog entries get excellent visuals, something I’m a big believer in. And he’s got some interesting stories to tell: lately it’s been illustrating for AirTran airways and crime reports in Atlanta’s Creative Loafing paper (Tray’s an expat, it seems). He’s got T-shirts, too. A good read and great to look at. Tag, you’re it, Tray!


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