Paris Sunday feast

Yesterday can only be described as indulgent.

In addition to PC, the She-Aussie, ourselves, C’s parents (it is their house we’re at in Paris, after all) there’s also C’s brother, C’s sister and baby, and – later – another couple with a baby. Full house.

After breakfast we immediately busied ourselves with preparing the back deck and the food.

The deck on this house is huge, multi-levelled, and overlooks Paris. Because it was sunny and 29C, we put up some of the canopies to provide shade. Chairs, tables, and other various bits had to be placed.

Foodwise there was lots to do to; for me, it was the construction of brochettes. I skewered tons of merguez sausages, and chunks of bacon, lamb, beef and peppers.

The first round of pastis and snacks started at noon. Because it’s France, because there was soooo much food, because there was some translation required each way for many discussions, because there were babies to be played with, because the cheese course was enormous, because there were two homemade tarts (apple and rhubarb), and because there was armagnac, lunch took forever. It essentially just became dinner; there was, perhaps, only a single hour between the last lunch coffee and the first pastis of dinnertime. Leftovers, thankfully.

We didn’t even leave the house yesterday. The back deck is large and nice enough that you don’t have to, really. It was a fabulously indulgent day.


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