Unexpected Friday night

We worked from home Friday. At 5:10pm we decided we’d had enough, and decided to tools down and get out of London for a night.

At 5:30pm we were in the car and on the road. Love that spur of the moment.

As we headed down our street we decided we’d centre our trip around The Crooked Billet, a Berkshire pub with exquisite dining we found last year. We rang ahead and made a dinner reservation

We also asked them for a recommendation for a place to stay. They mentioned another nearby pub with rooms. We rang that pub but they were booked up, though they recommended another hotel 5 minutes away. Luckily, they had a room. It wasn’t cheap, but that’s the price you pay for spur-of-the-moment adventures.

That place was the White Hart in Nettlebed. It quickly became apparent why it wasn’t cheap: it’s a very nice hotel in an extremely old building. The bar and restaurant there were full of people much posher than us. Luckily we only had a drink there before heading over to the Billet.

It was a meal to remember. Roast barbary duck, root veg, salad, and a poached pear, and a lush New Zealand Nobilo merlot. The missus had something amazing too – sea bass, I think – but I was too busy cramming duck flesh into every gastrointestinal crevice I could find.

We pretty much just crashed back at the hotel; it had been a long week. We got a good night’s sleep, a tasty breakfast this morning, and slowly made our way back to London.

It was a short and sudden break, but it completely knocked this work week on its head.


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