Spring Festival: Oktoberfest in May

I hadn’t previously been aware of it, but there’s a German-themed restaurant in the City called The Bavarian Beerhouse. For the last couple of weeks they’ve been doing something called their “Spring Festival”: essentially an Oktoberfest celebration with music and dancing and giant steins of beer.

Last week Qype held a competition to give away ten pairs of passes to the event. I entered and won. Last night I went, and it was a blast. Cleverly, I took along a friend who’s German. I’m convinced this helped. We met up with a few other friends there, too, including Urbanite from Qype.

Yes, it’s a bit cheesy. There are long benches, German signs on all the walls, and the serving girls – who all seem to be German – all wear serving-girl outfits. But there was much hoisting of steins, singing along with the wandering accordian and guitar players, and feasting on large breaded cuts of meat. It was a great way to forget an intense, if short, work week.

Thanks, Qype!

Image from yaraaa via Creative Commons license


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